Why Camps are Awesome

It’s only one week till Youth Camp and the Youth and leaders are SO excited! And this is with good reason - Because camps are awesome!


During a regular week of Groundswell Youth we meet for 2 hours in every week of the school year. Each week at youth we have leaders give talks and then there are small groups after the talks where we discuss things more personally – thinking about what the talk means for me. The youth get a chance to ask questions and explore what it means to have Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Then we run activities based around building community and having fun together. So 2hrs x 40 weeks = 80 hours of discipleship time. In each year!


On a camp, we are away together for 45 hours straight!! That’s a huge difference to 2 measly hours! (yes there is some sleeping time in there…) The time away is just so good to slow down and think deeply, to have space to discover Jesus and reflect on what you really think about His offer of salvation, to wrestle with their big questions and chat it out with the youth and leaders for hours. All while delighting in God’s people, and sharing a room with your besties, and making great memories. This is why camps are awesome!


The games and activities add to the goodness of camp, but they are the sprinkles on an already amazing donut.


We love camps, and we would love you to prayerfully love them too. Especially because we do invest in a lot of camps! Youth Camp next weekend – Square One Kids Club Camp in November 4-6th (yrs 3-6) – LIT (Leaders in training, for snr youth) Jan 22-26th, and, well of course right, Our Very Own Church Weekend Away in March 31-Apr 2 2023.


Please join us in praying for this particular camp next weekend – for good gospel chats, and wisdom to answer the deep questions, for lots of energy! Pray for good health and safety, of course, and for our Speaker Andy Stevenson who is taking us through the book of James. Camps are awesome! We hope you think so too.


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