Who Are We? Local …

For more than 140 years we’ve served the people of the Northern Illawarra with the Christian gospel.

For how we do that as an Anglican Church, the order, expression and governance of our gatherings, leadership, property, and resources are all tied to our Anglican formularies, which are in-turn shaped by being a Parish in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Yet as the current church family of Bulli Anglican here and now, we also desire to be distinct in how we conduct Our Mission: To overflow the grace and love of Jesus to one another, the Northern Illawarra and beyond.

Therefore, we have 6 distinctives we adhere to as we grow in Christ Together at BAC. Not only are we Christian and Anglican, but we are also - Biblical, Evangelistic, Relational, Humble, Discipling, and Local


There is much for us to remember, celebrate and maintain in our location as good hosts of all we’ve inherited. We are privileged to carry the heritage of yesterday, while serving those whose vibrant faith is nurtured today and preserving what is needed for all who will benefit in the distant future.

Therefore, we are all about being present in our local area, celebrating its glorious uniqueness and being present to help address its many challenges. Just as our Anglican forebears were hospitable in making themselves, this site, and their combined resources available, for the needs of that day and to serve the future glory of God in the Northern Illawarra, we remain present locally to do the same today. 

Hebrews 13:1-3; 1 Peter 2:9-17; Colossians 4:5-6

What makes us distinctive here? We are Local.

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