BAC has supported MOCLAM for a long time through the Scarratts who started the PTC (Moore College Preliminary Theological Courses) translation into Spanish (Moore College Latin America=MOCLAM). So MOCLAM started in Latin America and has been taught there for a few years before John Lovell invited Jim and Tanja to join him in Spain to teach those Bible courses there.

Since John Lovell got called to be CMS NSW & ACT general secretary soon after the Frenches arrived in Spain Jim is now the director for Spain coordinating the small team of Jim, Tanja and their American colleague Dan to teach mainly the first certificate with subjects like Creation to New Creation, NT1 (Mark), AT1 (Pentateuch), Ephesians, Christian Worship and Doc 1. One subject will normally take a student 6 months to complete, given they pass the exam and essay at the end. At BAC Rob Webb has taught many of those PTC subjects too. Tanja teaches many women, some face to face, some online, some one on one and some in small groups.

Most students are mature Christians who want to learn more about the Bible to serve better in their ministries at their local churches or the Christian university groups. MOCLAM has some quality Spanish students who hopefully will be able to cheer MOCLAM on while the Frenches are on home assignment. The biblical theology taught in those courses is unique and an important tool to mature and grow the Christians in Spain and South America as well.

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