I am coming to the end of my 2nd term teaching Scripture at Bulli High School and am very grateful to God for the smooth transition from my 6 years at Corrimal High. It has been wonderful to slowly get to know the students and staff, as I teach Scripture to Year 7-10 students every fortnight, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have found most classes to be engaged, with students asking questions and keen to be involved. It has also been a privilege to restart the Christian lunch group on Thursdays with the help of Kat Harris.

I have been encouraged by the opportunities I have had to meet up with local youth ministers, to visit churches and youth groups – from Helensburgh to Bulli – and speak of the incredible opportunity it is to open up a Bible and teach about Jesus in our local public schools.

There are many things you could please pray for:

  • Scripture year round at Bulli High. Traditionally Bulli High has only had Scripture in Terms 2 & 3. Please pray for Bulli High as they plan my timetable for next year.
  • That more students would sign up to do Scripture.
  • That many students will be come along and be encouraged at the Christian lunch group so that they can either grow in their faith in Jesus or learn more about the Christian faith.
  • Please give thanks for the Northern Illawarra Scripture Board Trivia Night last Saturday, 10th September. It was a great night of fun, fellowship across our various churches and generous fundraising, with over $4,000 raised.

Thanks in Christ,

Leanne Begg

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