Red Frogs Australia

Back in 1997 a youth pastor, concerned about his youth, decided to check on their celebrations up at Schoolies on the Gold Coast. Immediately he witnessed the full experience of young adults who want to party without supervision. Everywhere he went youth were running wild, trying to compress as much “consequence-free” partying into one week as possible. Filled with compassion for the lost and the hurting, he got in touch with his youth leaders and spent the week checking on kids and helping hotels.

Twenty-five years later, thousands of Christians have followed in his footsteps. Allen’s donates 24 tonnes of Red Frog lollies a year. The now “Red Frogs” team reaches all across the world, including university events, music festivals, and Schoolies locations near and far.

I have been involved since 2018 and Rowena since 2020. During the year we support our local university students with pancakes and check ins. Together we want to show the practical caring love of Jesus to young adults.

We’re asking for your prayers while we serve on the Gold Coast from November 25 - December 2. For safety, to be in the right place at the right time, and most importantly for gospel opportunities.

Elliot & Rowena Boswell (5pm)

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