Growth Groups are designed to intentionally help people of all ages and stages to experience what it is to truly follow Jesus. Whether a beginner or a veteran, Growth Groups are where we see lives change as group members grow in their understanding and the day to day living out of God’s word, the Bible. Our church’s core values of being Biblical, Authentic & Caring are pursued in all groups.


Below is a list of Growth Groups including day, time, leader(s), and whether the group is a men's, women's, or  mixed group. 



9:30am Steve Turner – men

7:30pm Liz and Phil Hatton - mixed

7:30pm Ronelle Pratt – women

7:30pm Steve & Kat Harris - mixed

7:30pm (fortnightly) Sarah Oste & Tory D’Ath-Weston – women



9:30am Trish Collins – women

7:00pm Michael Turner – men

7:30pm (fortnightly) Chrisy Wong & Amanda Cullen – women

7:30pm (fortnightly) Tony Wong, Jake Lewers, & Tim Green – men



7:30am Tony Good - mixed

7:30pm Nan Franks & Regina Kimmich – women

8:00pm Sean Neale & Mark Peters - men



6:30am Michael Collins - men

1:00pm (fortnightly) Robyne Johnson - women

7:30pm Larry Harris – mixed

7:30pm (fortnightly) Tracy Davies - women

7:30pm Chris Baldwin – mixed

7:30pm Jason Perini & Rod Pratt - men



1:30pm Fiona Robbins - women



If you're interested in joining a group, or have any questions, contact Ronelle Pratt ([email protected]) or Tony Wong ([email protected])