The Anglican Church of Valencia

The IAV is an international church with a British family as pastors (the Milsons: Missionaries with Crosslink), people from Nigeria and Ghana as well as South America (e.g. Venezuela, Colombia and Peru) plus some Spanish believers. It is  managed through the bishop in Madrid which can be tricky.

The work here has also been supported by two former CMS missionary families from Sydney (the Lovells and the Snowdons). The Frenches support IAV while working with MOCLAM. At present the church is small in number but has its own building. The parish council, Sunday school and youth group are regular groups apart from the Sunday gathering. The Bible study group has suffered under Covid but will hopefully resume  again in September. A young family from England has just also joined to help the ministry which is a blessing in the absence of the Frenches.

During Covid the church was thankful to be able to transmit through zoom and post on Facebook. Fellowship was greatly helped when they were once again allowed to serve morning tea after church in the back of the buildings block common area.

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